The LSG, as an official caucus of the Texas House of Representatives, is a non-partisan, non-profit public policy organization committed to developing and advancing sound public policies that benefits all Texans.

The LSG was founded in 1993 by Rep. Glen Maxey, Rep. Elliott Naishtatt, and Rep. John Hirschi. Under the leadership of Chair Kevin Bailey (1993-2003), Chair Garnet Coleman (2003-2022), and now Chair Armando Walle, the LSG has served as the progressive caucus of the Texas Legislature. It has helped members make informed policy decisions based on accurate, balanced, and informed daily floor reports that have proven to be invaluable in helping members prepare for floor debate.

LSG has been an integral part of legislative battles that are critical to our cause to promote and defend teacher’s rights to benefits, strengthening our public school system, and preventing crippling cuts to state services. We strive to continue providing members the necessary information to make the best public policy for Texas.

The Texas Legislative Study Group provides policy analysis and support to the members of LSG and the Texas Legislature. In every area of responsibility, we strive for quality and efficiency. During the interims we provide our members with policy reports on relevant topics.