The Legislative Study Group(LSG) is dedicated to advancing good public policy and ensuring that all LSG caucus members have the necessary information to make informed decisions, leading to the best public policy for Texas’ families and jobs. Since the 1993 Legislative Session, LSG staff have provided members with:

  • Accurate and Detailed Bill Evaluations
  • Indispensable Floor Reports that dissect legislation and prepare members for floor debates
  • Briefs breaking down Major Issues in Texas

LSG will continue to be a vital part of legislative battles as they have been in the past in protecting teacher’s rights to benefits, protecting and strengthening our public schools, and stopping crippling cuts to the CHIP program.

“Our goal is to ensure that state government develops mainstream solutions to the real problems facing our state by fostering sound public policy that serves the best interest of all Texans.”                           -Rep. Garnet Coleman, LSG Chair

LSG Intern Alumni Success

Since 2007, the Legislative Study Group has partnered with the University Of Houston Graduate School Of Social Work to bring MSW students to experience the Texas Legislature. Along with interns from the Texas Legislative Internship Program and other programs, these students are offered a unique opportunity to learn about the legislative process. During a rigorous hands-on legislative session, the interns are trained how to read and analyze bills and create accurate and detailed bill evaluations for use by legislators and staff. By Sine Die, these students are very knowledgeable in policy analysis and various subject areas and go on to become successful in their future endeavors.

After their internships, LSG intern alumni have gone on to become staff for legislators, state agencies and members of Congress, policy analysts for nonprofit organizations, government relations managers for nonprofits like United Way, assistant city attorneys and attorneys at major law firms, clinical managers in private and nonprofit healthcare providers, and so much more. The problem solving and communication skills these students learn during their time at LSG launch them into great roles to serve the people of our state.

Where we’ve been and where we’re going

During the 83rd Legislative Session, LSG published “Texas on the Brink,” an extensive compilation of statistics about how Texas ranks compared to other states. In its sixth annual report on the state of the state, the Legislative Study Group caucus composed of progressive lawmakers takes a statistical look at how we stack up compared to our 49 U.S. counterparts and Washington D.C.

Dallas Morning News, 4/15/131

“Fully funding education and accepting some sort of health care expansion plan could pull Texas up from the bottom of nationwide rankings legislators said Monday. Texas ranks 50th in the percentage of the population to graduate from high school, per-capita spending on mental health and first in the number of executions and amount of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s all according to the latest “Texas on the Brink” report from the Legislative Study Group that began ranking Texas in 2003 under the watch of Sen. Eliot Shapleigh, D-El Paso.”

Starting in 1995, the LSG has helped members make informed public policy decisions based on accurate, balanced, and informed bill evaluation. In addition, LSG members receive daily floor reports that have proven invaluable in helping members prepare for floor debate. During the interim, the LSG will continue to lead and set the policy debate by producing research papers and conducting interim studies. The LSG produces in-depth analysis and recommendations on policy matters facing Texans. The result of this important interim work has proved to be the blueprint for legislative reforms in the Capitol, such as tier one legislation and funding for Texas universities. LSG will continue its vital work of analyzing and evaluating legislation and monitoring rulemaking while moving forward to create and guide the development of public policy in Texas. The LSG will also work to keep members informed and involved on public policy developments in Texas and on a national scale.

Dallas Morning News, 6/9/082

“The Legislative Study Group is “the first panel of lawmakers to propose an approach
[to higher education] for next year’s lawmaking session[,]” including support for the “vital goal of…building more Tier 1 universities in Texas [which] needs to be embraced by top policymakers in Austin.”